Peace & blessings

Tonight, I was cutting fabric for a Mother/Daughter apron set, and decided to pop this CD in, since the Christmas music just wasn’t calling to me…

(I’ve had a thing for Perry Como since I was a teenager–it had something to do with a TV album commercial that I found greatly amusing–and mocked, often!) The music is beautiful, mostly familiar church songs, some I recall singing for school programs as a child, and it immediately brought me peace.  Especially this tune:


I have heard the wild bird’s sing
so I know what ‘freedom’ is
I have looked into the eyes of a child
so I know what ‘faith’ is

I have seen a rainbow
so I know what ‘beauty’ is
I have planted a tree
so I know what ‘hope’ is

I have held a helping hand
so I know what ‘kindness’ is
I have seen a blossom burst into bloom
so I know what ‘glory’ is

I have lost a friend
so I know what ‘sorrow’ is
I have knelt down in prayer
so I know what ‘peace’ is

I have seen a mother at her crib
so I’m sure of the meaning of ‘love’
I have seen and I have felt these things
and now I know what ‘God’ is!

Words and Music by Don Raye, Ned Freeman and John G. Bowen

BEAUTIFUL…. May you know Peace, and God, this night and this Christmas Season…


8 thoughts on “Peace & blessings

  1. I haven't listed to Perry Como in years. I hope your Christmas blues lift soon. The shorter days, the stress of the gets us all.Just keep your head up and know that there are lots of people out there sending you good vibes 🙂

  2. 😦 I'm glad to hear you're taking care of yourself. This is not the best time of year for people who have even mild depression.

    Drake has great benefits and counseling is $15 per appointment on copay … just saying. It's helpful. I have names if you would like!

    Mental health is the first step in overall health.

  3. Sending you a big hug… If I were so darn busy with this upcoming move, I'd probably be sitting right next to you … depression sucks. period. I was where you were a few months ago.

    Ok, I'm still sitting next to you, holding your hand and thinking quiet thoughts of peace.

  4. Doris, I hope you are feeling better. Wish I was there IRL to give you a big, fat hug. I could not get into the spirit at all this year. I was really grumpy though, not depressed. Love to you.

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