Spring has Sprung!

It was just a few short weeks ago that I was still belly-aching about the elusiveness of Spring in Iowa this year….well….it seems it finally decided to make an appearance! I got so excited by our one warm day last week, that I stopped on my way into the store on a milk call, and ended up picking up a dozen or so plants! They sat on my porch in flats for a few days, but I finally found the time to get them into containers Wednesday night.
Three varieties if sweet potato vine, two varieties of vinca vine, two colors of petunias, a gerber daisy, and a few bacopa plants. This next week will be my selection and planting of veggie plants! Who says you can’t garden when you live in an apartment?! I used this book which is full of great tips for low-maintenance gardening in large or small formats, containers or in the ground. I’d highly recommend any of Patricia Lanza’s gardening books.

The awesome “chair” planter came from a craftsman/artisan in Kentucky. I purchased it when I traveled through there in 2005, and hauled it back to Iowa in the hatchback of my VW Beetle along with all my other luggage and treasures. It’s a good thing I was travelling alone! I don’t have the maker’s name any longer–but I LOVE this piece!

Happy gardening, and Happy Spring!


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