Crushing news…but we save the day!

So, as you know, I was planning to go to a three-day quilt retreat this weekend with my quilty gal, Toni and my Momma, as a sort of birthday celebration. We already started putting our projects and supplies together for this, and are SOOOO excited! Yesterday morning, we get a call from retreat organizer, Amy, who sadly tells us she has had to cancel the retreat because she couldn’t get enough signed up. “NOOOOOOO!!!!! You can’t! This can’t be happening!” I screamed…Well, really, it wasn’t quite like that, but that is what I was saying in my head…

Anyway, Toni and I quickly started scrambling to save the already freed-up weekend, searching for potential homes for our “mini-retreat for three quilters”…many a phone call was made, imagine, most B&B’s, inns and the sort are already booked for four days from now…hmm. After about two hours of scrambling, we found this…a vacation house rental available for just the exact two nights we needed at an extremely reasonable price..and we will each have our own bedroom. The day (and weekend) were saved. Thank God for the internet.


One thought on “Crushing news…but we save the day!

  1. OMG…well done…… be so close to the retreat and then have it cancelled….no wonder you were crushed….but well done with the “save”…..indeed thank goodness for the internet!

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