Handwork, handiwork

Is there a difference between those two? It seems they are the same thing, but I guess we use the term “handiwork” to describe anything made or done, like a landscaper’s handiwork, or the handiwork of a cook, whereas handwork is something specifically made with your hands… This is what Merriam Wenster has to say about it…

hand·i·work Pronunciation: \ˈhan-di-ˌwərk, -dē-\

a: work done by the hands b: work done personally handiwork>2: the product of handwork

hand·work Pronunciation: \ˈhand-ˌwərk\
work done with the hands and not by machines

But I digress. I promised you some photos of projects I’ve been working on, so without further adieu, or digression, here is the handiwork of some of my handwork…

I’ve done some more work on the nearly completed, WIP since June 2008, Liberty Garden wallhanging. The beadwork is nearly done, and there is just a small amount of embroidery left to complete the center. I’ve decided the border needs to be redone, so that will come off, a small red inner border will be added and the piano key border will be sewn back on. Then quilting and…drumroll, please…..hanging!

I also completed this adorable little guy just in time for the upcoming holiday…

Can’t reveal the rest of him just yet… He was made from a vintage transfer, posted on Flickr in the Hoop Love Vintage Transfer group. Probably a design originally from the 1930s. Ain’t he sweet?!

Have you been doing any handwork lately? I’ve been trying to always keep a handwork project with me so that I can make use of any time I spend waiting, in the car, at a doctor’s office, etc. I’m not a patient person when it comes to just waiting, so this really helps make the time fly!


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