Blogtoberfest Day XX–Scrappy Charm Pincushion

…and A WINNER–and a NEW GIVEAWAY!!!!

First of all, Happy OCTOBER Birthday to a new blog friend, Mrs. Gooden Ghastlie.  Incidently, she won today’s giveaway–ON HER BIRTHDAY!!!!  Congrats & best birthday wishes–these goodies will soon be on their way to you:

Remember, the best way to win is to follow my blog and leave comments on my October posts….

Now for another installment of our Halloween Party...

I started last fall making scrappy spiderwebs for a twin-size quilt, which incidentally left me with a LARGE pile of Halloween scraps, and like my friend Amanda Jean, I have developed an addiction to scraps.  I used to actually toss them (gasp–the horror!!)…

So, I whipped up these Scrappy Charm Pincushions, so named because they use a left over charm square for the back (GREAT use of leftover fabric, btw!), some fun selvages, rick-rack scraps and ribbon:

Very simple, free-pieced, scrappy log-cabin style design. I think it took about 30 minutes to make all three.  I stuff them with crushed walnut shells (available at pet stores) which works like emery, in that it helps sharpen your pin points. Carefully stuffed using a kitchen funnel…

What do you think, do you like them?  Have a favorite?  Well, this little witchy-poo could come to live with you:

She is part of this week’s giveaway–items to be added to the giveaway daily–just follow my blog and remember to comment on my daily posts.  The more you do, the better your chances of winning.  Just ask our birthday girl, Patricia.  😉

Happy Halloween and an Awesome October to you!


14 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest Day XX–Scrappy Charm Pincushion

  1. Mrs. Gooden Ghastlie here. I am so very excited to have won. Those pin cushions are fabulous! I was jut thinking about what to do with my Ghastlie scraps. Mystery solved. Thank you Doris for being awesome!

  2. Cute idea, and thanks for letting me know where to get the crushed walnut shells.

    My mom's got walnuts, but I didn't want to pulverize them myself!

  3. Doris, these are about the cutest pin cushions I have ever seen!!!! Love the way you framed those Halloween prints. So fun!

    You've been so busy this month with all your blog posts, giveaways and projects….I can't keep up 😉

    Happy birthday and congratulations to Mrs. Gooden Ghastlie!

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