Looking forward…

and reflecting on the last 12 months…

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 ! ! !

It’s that week in the crafty blogosphere where many post a mosaic of “finishes” or accomplishments from the past year… so why not join in, huh?

Thinking back, I felt that 2012 was not a particularly productive year for me, that is, until I went through my photos and blog archives, and really tallied up my accomplishments:

2012 Finished Projects Collage

In 2012…

I made an appliqué baby blanket for my niece,

and a clothespin holder for my sister-in-law,

I hosted a craft-filled Monster themed baby shower for a much loved friend,

finished up my Diet Quilt,

and my Halloween quilt,

made myself a dress from a vintage Simplicity pattern,

made a special baby gift for another dear friend’s wee one,

pushed myself by paper-piecing and embroidering a Diet Coke bottle mini quilt,

made a pillow for a swap,

and another for a gift,

I made several zipper pouches as gifts for a fun group of friends I only see once a year,

created unique Halloween costumes for my sweetie and me,

made a BIG ironing board for pressing fabric and a design wall,

Finished up a special quilt for an internet friend with the help of some other bloggy friends,

made a hand-sewing kit for a my friend, Cindy,

and a much loved Dr. Seuss quilt for one of my very favorite little persons…

And then there is the pattern company, and the 9 or 10 Modern Fortune quilts that Trina and I made together, and the 6-7 One Big Cabin quilts we made… and the two quilts we have finished for pattern number three, and the time invested on pattern number four….  (Holy Toledo!  That’s nearly TWENTY quilts!)  That’s above and beyond our full-time jobs!

Row House Creations 2012 Collage

I guess 2012 was a VERY productive year, after all!

Last January I made some creative resolutions, let’s see how I did (notes in red):

  • I resolve to spend more time sewing on my ancient WIPs and UFQs.  I didn’t finish any of them but MAJOR progress was made on my Candied Hexagon quilt, and my Love in a Mist quilt top is DONE! 
  • Spend more time sewing clothing (for me and maybe for that little baby niece) ;-) The only item of clothing I completed was my Easter dress, made from a vintage pattern.  Must do better in 2013.
  • In 2012, I’m going to sew my own quilts, my own inspirations, and not worry so much about what trends are popping up on blogs, Pinterest, and flickr. Or if it will fill a void here on the blog….  If I like it, and I feel it, I’ll create it!  yep, pretty much marched to my own drummer this year, blogged when I felt like blogging and spent less time worrying about what other thought of me, my blog, my work, etc.
  • And lastly, I want to try some new things.  I haven’t defined exactly what those new things are yet, but I know I want to experiment more this year and work/sew outside of my comfort zone.  I guess the pattern business, particularly marketing, selling, and promoting would fall under this category–much of that was outside of my comfort zone!

I’m not going to write any new crafty resolutions, but I will renew the four I wrote last year, and see how much more I can add to them in 2013!

Writing this post has energized me and inspired me…  Reflection is sometimes very useful.


5 thoughts on “Looking forward…

  1. I think this is a fantastically productive year!!!! Lots of distractions in your life to boot!!!!! Rah Rah – I have my pink and green poms poms flying for you D!!!!! I’m so proud of you! LOVE LOVE LOVE to you 🙂

  2. Doris, I so much enjoy reading your blog! I like your idea of ‘re-inventing’ your 2012 goals for 2013. After all, if they were important last year, they are certainly important to keep working on in 2013. You and Trina obviously are a good match – my gosh! you are both so talented, and bless you both for sharing. Your October daily blogs were just great! Thank you for doing that! Happy New Year! I look forward to pattern #3. BTW, I saw the #2 sample quilt at Quilter’s Cupboard. Just so sweet!

  3. Oh my! I’ll say you accomplished a lot! You ran two or three rings around me, and I DON’T work full time! Way to go, Doris! You’re just full of creativity and talent. And I like that you don’t have in-your-face resolutions. I don’t either, though for me it’s pretty much: 1) work on UFOs when possible, and; 2) make quilts whenever you have sewing time.

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